Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Metal is Dee-licious

This Metal is Dee-licious
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We went to two pumpkin patches this weekend. Quite fun. On Saturday Lauren got a fake tattoo of a ghost put on her arm. She LOVES tattoos and has spent the days since either saying, "tattoo, tattoo, ghost, boo" or crying and saying "tattoo? tattoo? sleeve" because her shirt is covering her tattoo. I don't think I can wash it off without having a replacement ready.

On a related note, I read about some new tattoo inks - one that fades over time - TLTs - Time Limited Tattoos, and one that gives you a permanent but easily "erasable" tattoo - with Freedom-2 ink.

I like this idea and this technological breakthrough might also save Hubby's life one day - the day Lauren comes home and declares, "I got a REAL tattoo, Dad!"


Aprille said...

I have some like Jessica's (and I think Peter P has one now, too) - temp ones - if you're interested.

Helen said...

I saw some glow in the dark, Halloween-themed temporary tattoos at Oriental Trading that I'm thinking about getting to pass out to trick or treaters instead of candy.

What's Lauren going to be for Halloween this year?

Tina said...

Lauren is going to be an elephant this year. It is her favorite animal - though I'm not sure she knows it yet ;-)

Shauna said...

Tina, I couldn't find a contact email on your page (or picture pages) but I emailed a link to Jenny that you might be interested in....

It's a handmade kids clothing line I've started representing in NYC, and thought maybe the cutest baby on the internet (Miss Lauren, of course) might be interested in wearing some of their fashions. She could always ask the Jerries to get her something for Christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

my son is obsessed with tattoos as well. The ones that we have found to work the best (we actually got them at his baby shower, and he's now TWO, so you can see how long he's been loving them!) are from Blue Q.

They seriously last forever and have great color.

Tina said...

Hi Shauna, your comment made me realize that when I changed templates, I blew away my contact info.

My email for gmail is tinaclark.

Thanks for the clothing tip, I will check out the site. Always looking for the cutest stuff - it's like Lauren is my own little doll to play dress up with =)