Tuesday, October 30, 2007


On Sunday I took Lauren to the Strong Museum of Play for their Halloween festivities. She looked so cute in her "Leetle Elefant" costume. For the first couple videos I forgot to turn the camera, but this one's too funny not to share - because she was an Elefant on the go. I'm not sure where she was going, and I don't think SHE was sure where she was going, but she was determined to GO.

I also think she was intrigued by the fact that she suddenly had much more belly than normal.

She also did some shopping at the Mini Wegs and obviously already has the hang of it. Went right for the pasta like a good little Italian girl.

Her favorite part was seeing the "Elmos" - both the displays at the museum and the other kids dressed as Elmo. I find this funny because she barely watches any tv yet learned about Elmo at daycare (and via the decor on her diapers) and just LOVES him!


lsaspacey said...

Just too cute! Best costume too.

AWG said...

Ms L looks so adorable! Was this an online purchase or did you actually go to a store ;-)

Tina said...

Hi awg - I got Lauren's costume at Old Navy - on sale for about $14 bucks!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!!!!!
I love the elephant costume.