Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mac Happy

The Black Friday sale at Apple seduced us and Christmas came early - we finally got an iMac (though I've been using a Mac at work for years, I had a pc at home). I LOVE it. I barely want to leave the house, I just want to play with my Mac. It was so ridiculously easy to set up. I mean RIDICULOUS! It found our wireless router and I was on the internet within 5 minutes. Just TRY to do that with a PC! Our PC takes 10 minutes just to boot up!

Someone else loves it too. As I brought her downstairs Saturday morning and she saw it (set up on the kitchen table) she said, "oooh, Mommy, pretty!" That's my girl! We spent most of the weekend on - her favorite thing at the moment. Though I held it off for 22 months, I now have a child who just constantly wants to watch "baby Shrek", so as of now, I've watched Shrek 2 and 3 about 20 times each. She wakes up saying "baby Shrek", then says all the names, "Shrek, Donkey, eeona, puss". I downloaded the wallpaper and she can barely pull herself away from the screen, she just wants to stare into Shrek's eyes.

We also listened to the theme from Spiderman - another one of her favorite things since her class made a Spidey scarecrow for Halloween. I always sing, "Spiderman, Spiderman" and then can never remember the rest (Lauren shortens it and sings "spider, spider" as she sways) . So now I am reminded of the rest and she can learn more than two words to the song.

Now I have to pull myself away from the screen and get ready for bed!

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