Friday, November 16, 2007

Vegas Baby!

Had a great trip to Vegas last week with Jenny. Celebrated my Brother's birthday. Shopped alot. Saw, "Menopause, the Musical" (thanks to free tix from bro - it was cute).

Also went to In-N-Out Burger. If there were an In-N-Out Burger here in Rochester, I would be FAT. Not PHAT, but straight up FAT. And I wouldn't care, because those burgers are soul food and I'd rather have a happy soul than a small ass.

We met my brother there and as we stood just inside the door, couldn't find him anywhere. Finally, after about 5 minutes, we saw this - just the top half of his beanie'd head peeking over a seat - as he wondered why we weren't coming over to him. For some reason, this was hilarious.

So, about my brother. He is not your average person. He is different in so many ways, I can't even begin to explain. For starters, he is a CHARACTER. Always telling stories, always making people laugh (when he's not violently angry and beating someone up). Always having weird things happen to him (like the time he got robbed at gunpoint but still "swooped" the guy, then kicked him and almost got shot).

He drives a cab in Vegas - which to me is one of the coolest jobs - and perfect for him - because he's such a people person and racks up the stories. He told Jenny and I one summarization of his experiences. He says that "married women from 25-35 are the worst"... "I have a pulse. I say in shape. they're tipsy. It's 4am, it's a little dark, does me a little justice..." in other words, they hit on him alot... but his delivery, just too funny.

Looks like we might be back in Vegas in January too!

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Anonymous said...

Happy B Day!! Love CJC xoxo