Monday, November 05, 2007

Stuffed Animals are the new Black

As I begin to plan for Christmas, and wonder what I can get Lauren that won't be laced in lead, I come back to my favorite things - stuffed animals. I surrounded myself with them. I slept with them. I took them with me on trips. I hugged and kissed and loved them. Most are "put away" now that I am an, ahem, "adult". But now I have an excuse to get more. Now I can live vicariously through Lauren, so the stuffed animal collecting has begun!

Yesterday I got her a huge Jellycat sheep. I got him at Parkleigh, my favorite store (with my 30% off coupon!!). I also found Jellycat animals at this great site called Oompa toys - I love the look of their site and their selection, thought they seem a bit pricey.

The sheep is currently stuffed rather unceremoniously into a box too small for his body. I thought about him as I lay awake last night. Is he sad? Is he lonely? Is he having trouble breathing in there? I may have to let him stay with me until Christmas eve, when I can wrap a red bow around him and place him gently under the tree for Lauren to find in the morning.


rachel said...

Oh my that sheep is cute!!! Being a knitter, I have a kinship with sheep :) I totally think he is being suffocated in the box, please take him out so he can breathe:)

Fran said...

That's too funny. I think I've read the Velveteen Rabbit a few too many times because I still worry about such things. At 31 my favorite stuffed animal stays in my closet, which is not heated (random, I know) and when I went in there the other day I though, "I should really move LeMutt...just in case he gets cold and my suspicions since childhood are true and stuffed animals do have feelings."

Oh, and I have been reading your site for quite a while but have never commented. Your daughter and mine were due right around the same time and I have loved hearing her progress. She seems like such a sweetie. : )