Thursday, July 12, 2001

Growing Pains

Jenny beamed an app to my Handspring last week that calculates your ideal weight. Immediately it told me I should weight 10 pounds less. "Thank you oh omnipotent Handspring... oops, didn't mean to drop you on your head and remove your batteries. Oh, and tell me something I don't know." Seriously though, I have been "expanding" for some time now and the number of pants that I can no longer wear is growing. I have some that I won't even attempt to try on, some that I can't button and some that I can get on but I look like a hoochie. On top of that, I'm going to LA in a month where everyone is a size 0 and even if I lose 10 pounds I will still be the chubbiest girl there... plus my Sister is getting married in 14 weeks and picked out an oh-so-slinky-and-clingy dress for me to wear as the Matron of Honor. UGH, that sounds so horrible, I feel so old... but that's another story.

So anyway, I really need to get back to my smaller self... so I've been eating healthier and laying off the junk. It's a drastic change, but that's taking in to account the fact that, up until a few days ago, I was eating Kettle Korn on a daily basis, chowing on hot dogs and s'mores and eating at Bahama Breeze once a week. So I've been doing good and not even having cravings... shocking. When Jenny brought in caramel and nut covered marshmallows today, I was pleased to find that I did not have the urge to shove them all in my mouth before anyone else could have any (as was my normal modus operandi). Jenny, however, was not nearly as pleased considering she had anticipated that I might resist based on the caloric intake involved and had calculated that there was but a mere 87 calories each. I still resisted, moreso because I wasn't sure I'd like the given combo... so though I felt bad disappointing Jenny, I am proud of my will power. I don't think I could have been so strong in the face of a bowl of JFKK (Jenny's Faux Kettle Korn).

On a related note, I've been drinking LOTS and LOTS of Pineapple Orange Crystal Light.... which is this nuclear glowing orange color... and now I feel yucky. If I start radiating orange light, I'm going to get really scared.

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