Thursday, July 12, 2001

Pay it Forward

I just paid to have Daniela's blog ad free. Jenny told me that this trend was going around where people were paying to have other blogs made ad free, so I thought I'd do my part and do it for Yelli. I wonder how long before she notices =)

In the same vein, Jenny also told me about a coffee place in Somewhere USA where, one day, someone was feeling extra generous and decided to pay for the coffee of the person behind them in the drive thru and then THAT person paid for the one behind them and so on and so on... and this tradition has been carried on for over 100 years (ok, I don't remember the details... but a LONG time).

This makes me wonder... what if a very generous person in front of me forks over $3.50 to pay for my Grande Cafe Mocha but I can only scrounge up $1.50 in crusty quarters from the floor of my '87 Buick and besides, the person behind me looks like a $1.25-small-regular-coffee kind of person, so I cheap out and give $1.50? Does this throw the whole process off? Do the clerks keep the extra if generous-guy-in-front-of-me pays $3.50 but I only get a Jones Soda for $2.00? Did the clerks start this whole thing in an effort to skim cashola to pay for the ever increasing cost of their Ecstasy habit? I need more details.

Insane Heidi

Well, I definitely have to disagree with Angry Heidi about Family Guy. Any show that includes a game called "catch the naked greased up deaf guy" and a dog that's hooked on smack gets my vote as Must See TV. It's no Real World, but it's quality humor.

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