Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Running to Rochester

Tonight Chuck and I are going to see Flickerstick, the band that won VH1 Bands on the Run. A reality show that pitted four bands against each other and filmed the whole way. So though they were drunk and beligerent most of the time, they seem like a pretty good band - so for $6 bucks I'll check them out.


This was an action-packed weekend... Friday night went & saw a few local bands... Saturday hit the gym for the first time in eons and in a little bit of life-imitating-art (with art being cheesy romance novels), my personal trainer was a major hunk... blue eyes, bulging muscles, NICE. Luckily, hubby is fine with "look but don't touch", so he didn't mind that I ogled. So after doing cybex exercises, I did the elliptical running thingy for 3 hours. Oh, did I say 3 hours... I meant 20 minutes, it only FELT like 3 hours. After all that I managed to muster up enough strength to get my ass kicked by Abby in a game of tennis. It was fun though. Later that night we went to see Scary Movie 2. It was quite disgusting and therefore, IMHO, quite hilarious. Sunday, while quite enjoyable with a visit to the Corn Hill Festival, was a dark day for my healthy eating habits. It started with an innocent bite of a funnel cake and ended with a kettle korn feeding frenzy - with me damning myself for not buying two large bags. In between, I had chicken-on-a-stick, liquid sugar mixed with strawberries (a smoothie), some butterfly fries, and pepperoni pizza. That might have been ok if I'd stopped there, but the next day I had kettle korn for dinner, then some fried eggs, and kettle korn for dessert. I am doing better today, but the night is young. Yes, I've had a relapse with my kettle korn addiction, but I'll try to get back off the stuff somehow.

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