Thursday, July 05, 2001

On Top of the World

I had been bugging Jenny for some time now to move me up in her flog list (friends who blog). With more and more friends starting blogs and her list in alphabetical order, I was moving lower and lower... apparently Jenny doesn't have any friends named Vivian or even Zack. Then when Sarah started a blog, I really turned up the heat (via whining alot). I threatened to change my name to Aaa, which would be the only way I would EVER get to the top of the list ahead of Aaron. I couldn't even change it to Aass, he'd still have me beat. So Jenny caved and moved me to the top, throwing her alphabetical scheme out the window. I was EXTREMELY pleased for about 5 minutes, then the reality hit me and I started to feel the pressure... what did I get myself into?

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