Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Last week was a very good week.

It started out Monday with the Travis concert. Abby won tickets and invited me along. Emiliana Turrini opened up, she danced like a freak (though probably considered normal in Iceland). Imagine someone raising their arms as if to pull of a t-shirt... elbows high in the air, then imagine their head bobbing to the side as if they were rubbing their cheek against a baby they were holding very high... now picture them doing this without the baby... that was Emiliana. Now I need to find out if this is all the rage at the clubs in Iceland.

Travis came on next and put on a great show. Renewed my interest in them since I'd bought their CD over 6 months ago but hadn't listened to it much. Then Dido played, but by then, Ab and I were freezing since the temp had dropped about 20 degrees. So we bailed shortly after Dido started. I have to admit though, the most fun was watching the people. There are some doozies out there.

Tuesday was the season premier of The Real World. Yes, sadly enough, I have watched every season and plan to continue. Already I don't care for Coral, she's too harsh and unforgiving.

Wednesday (Happy 4th of July) we had a great picnic with "the clan" from work. Jenny got to go into full Martha mode and use all her acoutraments. She was very happy about this. As soon as we put out the food, she grabbed one of her little mesh food tents and said, voice trembling with excitement, "what can I use this on?" Later we went to the fireworks downtown, it was fun until we got stuck in traffic for an hour. Luckily I was all hyped up on a little slice of French Vanilla Capuccino heaven.

Thursday we (me, Abby, Jenny and Aaron) headed downtown again to catch a free concert of The Tripping Billies (v.g.) and the Samples (v.v.g.). It was a great concert but even better people watching. I hate to admit it, but I love to talk about people. Luckily, everyone else was also up for this and we had some nice chuckles. I really miss having Daniela around because she is the absolute best at noticing and pointing out people who needed commenting on.

Friday Chuck and I headed up to the 1000 Islands... uneventful.

Saturday Chuck and I went and got facials. Oh joyous God in Heaven... facials are wonderful. The pampering, the relaxation, and, let's be honest - letting someone else squeeze your pimples... it's all good. While the aestetician was doing "extraction" on my face, she said, "you have geooorgeeouuss skin". I'm not sure how, in the midst of squeezing god-knows-what disgusting crud out of my pores, she got the impression that I had nice skin... but ok... thanks. Their advice? Use sunscreen every day (as I've been practicing and preaching for years) but also, new to me, exfoliate every day. Great, more to add to my regimen.

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