Monday, August 06, 2001

Bad Me

Bad me for not blogging in so long, but it's been a busy week. Grizzy is doing well after the emergency room visit. Tuesday was the bats at Bellydancing. Jenny leaves out that she screamed like a banshee, "shut the dooooooor" as she trampled my hand. It was rather hilarious.

Thursday we went to see Planet of the Apes. Marky Mark should've gotten half naked because his acting merits just don't cut it. It's all about the biceps, baby.

Friday was Abby's birthday and we made a night of it. Jenny actually had the equivalent of 1 margarita. This is big, because Jenny doesn't normally drink as she is actually somewhat allergic. Well, no problems on Friday night with the margarita and we were all treated to a livelier version of normal Jenny.

Snuck in the Park Ave Fest, Andy's party, and dinner with Sis and her fiance over the weekend.

I had a frozen chocolate covered banana from Abbots, they are obscene to eat, but they taste too good to be vain about it. I just keep the wrapper on as long as I can. I dropped a piece of chocolate and managed to sit on it, so I had this big brown smear on the back of my shorts... oh lovely.

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