Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Proximity Encounter

FINALLY, I had my first proximity encounter today (my terminology for spotting a celebrity). Walked right by Larry King. Yep, Larry King. Woo hoo, start the parade [read: dripping sarcasm]. But still, it's better than Danny Bonaducci (the only proximity encounter I had last time I was in LA - and twice in one day no less!!).

Other Stuff

Other than that, some other stuff to babble about... So far, at the Bev Hilton, I've seen a lady who I think was hiding out to recuperate from her lip injections - they were gigantic! She must've paid good $$ to look that ridiculous and unnatural. She could've paid me much less to punch her in the mouth a few times... heck, it'd probably even be cheaper to fly me out every week for a punch to keep them nice and plump. The Rhinestone Cowboy Convention was interesting... not sure what it was all about, just know that many people were dressed in sparkly western wear. Them there were fancy folk. There was also the Wedding of Bad Fashion. Many women, all dressed up in 1980's bridesmaid dresses and Tammy Faye Baker makeup to enjoy the occasion.

Oh, and after being inspired by many many cool animations (like "Say Cheese" by Derek Flood), I want to become a 3D animator and use Maya and Pulse3D and work for Pixar or ILM or EA and make 3D movies with animated monkeys and elephants and cute, furry things... Either that, or open a Jamba Juice franchise.

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