Tuesday, August 07, 2001

La La Land

I leave for LA in a couple days and pre-travel insomnia and procrastination are in full swing... You would think that if I'm not tired, I'd do the things I need to get done. Nope, I'm an 11th hour kind of girl. So I'll probably be up until 3am thursday night doing laundry, paying bills, cleaning and packing.

I wasn't sure what the "style" is in LA, so I had my brother make some calls. I know I shouldn't care what those pretentious-carb-hating-stick-thin-rich-beautiful-shallow people think, but I don't want to stand out like a little match girl either. So my bro asked some of his chick friends in LA and they said - it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it - just have the right attitude. Does that mean act like you're God's gift even if you're wearing Kathy Ireland jeans from Kmart because you can't afford Frankie B. jeans? I somehow doubt it.

Apparently, from the looks of this ad, Frankie B. jeans are worth the money! (~$120/pair)

Then he added, "but chunky shoes are out". Dammit, I love chunky shoes. I read on the web that platforms are out, but are platforms the same as chunky?


More importantly, chunky shoes are a helluva lot more comfortable than heels. And I'm all about comfort... there's no way I'm hobbling around on heels all day. I'd rather wear sneakers... yeah, the sortof cute ones with no heel...


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