Monday, August 27, 2001

TV is Good

New mood... I'm sick of being made to feel shallow for loving tv. TV, especially cable, has alot of great stuff... the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, the History Network, the Travel Channel, the Weather Channel, the Food Network, Cartoon Network - some great learning material there. I believe that, because of tv, I am a much more educated person, a more tolerant person, I've seen places I'd never have even known about much less visited, I'm a funnier person, I have more conversation topics, and I'm filled with useless information that would probably help me do well in Jeopardy... OK, so it's not all redeeming... YES, I love watching South Park and Real World and The Family Guy... but studies have shown that humor is a very important part of mental and physical health... so I'm a healthier because of tv too.

SO THERE, I'm not horrible or shallow because I watch TV. AAAHHH

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