Thursday, August 16, 2001

Make Sex Interesting More

Yikes, someone found my blog by doing a search on "make sex interesting more". Well, I'm sure they were sadly dissapointed as my blog probably does not contribute any valuable information in that realm... UNTIL NOW! Based on my years of reading Cosmopolitan, Jane, Glamour, Self, and other cheesy women's magazines, I do have some recommendations. I in no way claim to have tested these ideas, but here's a few based on what I've read:

- role play, a pirate and a wench, a doctor and a nurse, Ben Affleck and some cute girl visiting from NY he met at Starbucks... (you get the idea - use your imagination)

- toys, toys, toys (enough said)

- talk dirty (try not to crack up)

And last, but not least, my favorite (in theory)
- FOOD... chocolate, whipped cream, and so on... I saw a special on HBO all about "sploshing", which is basically slathering food all over. Go on, give it a try, so you gain a few pounds, it'll be worth it. And just a thought, you might not want to try this as dessert to a dinner of Nick Tahou's, Dinosaur BBQ, festival food, any type of mexican food...

If these work for anyone, or you'd like to contribute more, let me know via my guestbook.

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