Monday, September 17, 2001

Being away from the news has made today a slightly better day, yet I know once I get home, I will be jumping between CNN and MSNBC and won't be able to peel myself away. I don't know what I expect to hear, but I can't stop listening.

As for now, I'll take my mind off things and talk more about Toronto. On Thursday night, we hung around the theater where Serendipity was premiering... we didn't see John Cusack or Jeremy Piven, but Eagle Eye Chuck spotted the actor that plays "Ted" on one of my favorite shows, Queer as Folk. Ted's the cute sensitive one who has trouble getting dates.

He almost qualifies as a Bizzarro Chuck (ie, looks like Chuck).

We had heard Harvey Keitel was going to be arriving at the next movie, word was he went in the back.

On Friday morning, we saw Serendipity ourselves, it was quite a wonderful romantic (HIGHLY UNREALISTIC) movie, but I imagine they will delay it's release because it had lots of scenes of NY, the Twin Towers, and a couple cross country flights. Yep, it will be interesting to see how much they change it.

After Serendipity, we headed to see the very unique and hilarious movie American Astronaut. Who sits right behind us, but Gale Harold, the star of QAF who plays "Brian". Brian is the really hot promiscuis guy who has some form of sex with practically every guy he comes in contact with. Gale was with a woman though, so I think he's just a REALLY good actor.

I wanted to say something like, "Hi Gale, I really enjoy your work", but I didn't want to be a stalkerish dork. Thank God for Matt, he came in and sat directly behind me, which allowed me to turn around and talk... and sneak in peeks at Gale without looking like a stalkerish dork. I am kicking myself for not saying a little something, I'm sure he wouldn't have minded the praise. ** kick, kick, kick **

At the hotel lobby, while waiting for Matt, I spotted David Paymer... but I am apparently the only person on the planet who knows who he is. Everyone else gave me a blank stare. He was in City Slickers, I swear!

That night we had another proximity encounter. I saw a guy and a blond trotting across the room and joked that it looked like Judd Nelson. Jenny thought he looked like Greg Kinnear. It was dark but not that dark. As I make my way back out of the ladies room, this guy and his blonde are still blocking my way and as the guy turns to get out of my way and says, "Oh, sorry", I realize it IS Judd Nelson. I ran to tell Jenny and she proceeded to circled the restaurant to get a good peek. Then we watched as he sat with two blondes and tried to figure out which one he had something going with. I think he was trying to kick it with both of them. You go boy.

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