Monday, September 10, 2001

Proximity Heaven

Well, Jenny put the pressure on me to blog about the celebs we saw at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend. Seeing as though I am somewhat obsessed with trying to have proximity encounters* with celebrities, I suppose it's only fitting.

*A "proximity encounter" is my terminology for seeing, walking by, or being near a celebrity. As I've mentioned before, I'm not really interested in getting their autograph, taking their picture, or really even talking to them... I just really want to see them... up close. Of course if the opportunity arises to have normal dialogue, I'm all up for that. (Just to clarify, here's an example of what would be a good opportunity for normal dialogue: --- I'm line for ice cream. I order two scoops of Death by Chocolate. As I take a lick, I hear a voice behind me, "wow, does that taste as good as it looks?. I was going to get the Rocky Road, but now I'm not sure." I turn around, it's John Cusack, I am not phased. I say, "words cannot describe how decadent and delicious it is, you have to try it." I offer my cone, John licks my ice cream. John says, "mmmmm, it IS good. So do you taste as good as YOU look?"... --- Ok, I got a little unrealistic, but you get the idea.) Normal, non-forced interaction is a bonus.

First, on Friday night, we saw Ed Burns, talking to the audience at the premier of his movie "Sidewalks of New York" (which I thoroughly enjoyed). He was too far away to count as a proximity encounter, but we did see him.

Then, at the next movie, "Thirteen Conversations about One Thing" (which was good but way too long), we saw Matthew McConaughy. He was wearing a skirt, a tshirt, and flip flops. I think he's a bit of a freak. He supposedly saved the woman who had an epileptic seizure, though I don't remember seeing him over by her. I think she faked it. I am practicing my "choking on a piece of popcorn" routine for next week so I can get Jeremy Piven to give me the Heimlich Maneuver.

Alan Arkin also sat near us at T.C.A.O.T., he seemed very pissed that someone was interrupting the movie. His lips didn't move, but his expression said, "damn those epileptics".

On Saturday afternoon, while shopping, we had a true proximity encounter with Julia Stiles. She walked by us, crossing the street the opposite way from us. I tried to give hints to Jenny, Aaron and Chuck without yelling out, "THERE'S JULIA STILES", but I kind of choked. Luckily, she glanced to the side and they got to see her after she passed.

Saturday night, after going to the Short Films feature (which were all pretty excellent except the one about golfing and worm collecting), we headed over to see "Prozac Nation". In a last minute strategic move, Jenny and I decided to move to the front in an effort to get a good look at some celebs, despite the fact that we'd be very close to the screen. It paid off, we were a mere 10 feet from Christina Ricci, Jason Biggs, and Michelle Williams (not pictured, but she was in the movie "Dick" also) as they stood in the spotlight while the director talked. Christina is too skinny. Jason is cute. There's more to tell about the apple pie, but that'll come later.

Sunday morning, we went and saw "Novacaine" with Steve Martin. Steve didn't show up but the movie was very good. On to eating and shopping. Chuck and Aaron saw Steve Martin and Michelle Williams. This called for desperate measures... time to head to the Four Season's lobby... where we struck gold. Chuck spotted Kristin Scott Thomas (but called her "the chick from Four Weddings and a Funeral"), then we saw Kevin Kline, eagle-eyes Aaron spotted Jennifer Love Hewitt (and swears she was checking him out... then branded her Faux J Lo). Leelee Sobieski showed up next, she was very pretty and flashed us all a wide smile (maybe she was smiling at Aaron). We also saw a very cute, familiar looking face and later figured out it was Hayden Christensen who will be playing Anakin Skywalker in the next Star Wars movie.

So that was it. The Four Seasons lobby was the place to be. We will be going there next weekend for tea and crumpets.