Tuesday, September 04, 2001

The Weasel

My brother Eddie called me last night but I was in the shower... I was going to call him back right after Road Rules, but he called me back first to say, "Why didn't you call me right back? I had Pauly Shore waiting to say hello to you." At first I was upset, kicking myself in the a**, but then I realized, I have no desire to talk to Pauly Shore on the phone... what would I say, "how's the weasel?"

It was still a significant moment though because it shows that my brother is very thoughtful and went out of his way to try to do something he thought I would really enjoy. I mean how many people would have the testicular fortitude to ask anyone, much less a semi-celebrity, to say hi to their little sister on the phone? My brother's quite the unique person. Every one of his friends I talked to in LA gushed about him... I mean literally GUSHED about how great he is. You don't hear guys gushing about other guys too often.

So anyway, I told him he should have said something so that I knew to call RIGHT back, so we came up with a code... if he calls me and doesn't get me, he'll say, "call me right back, I have a QUICK question", then I'll know he's got some celeb willing to say hi to me on the phone. Next thing I know, he'll be handing my business card to Patrick Swayze and asking him to drop me a quick email.

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