Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Conspiracy Theory

I have 3 weeks until my sister's wedding. Monday I had to put on my bridesmaid dress for the seamstress to get it taken up. It's a strapless number, in black. Cute, if you're tiny. I've been tiny before but at the moment, I'm a little further from tiny than I'd like for this dress - got some bulges and bumps showing through and the flabby arms are in full view.

So, with only 3 weeks to go, I decide I'll just buckle down, lay off the junk food, eat well and drop a few pounds - then begin pigging out again at the wedding. But I think my family and friends are conspiring against me. Last night, Grandma brought Pumpkin Pie to Mom's for dinner. PUMPKIN PIE!! It's like she sat around and thought, "what is the one food that is really fattening but Tina won't be able to resist? Hmmm, I've got it - Pumpkin Pie!" I had one bite. Then, I get in to work today and Jo has brought in donut holes. DONUT HOLES!!! Is she trying to knock me off the wagon? I had one. Later in the afternoon as I came back from a meeting, I find an open bag of Oreos out for sharing. OREOS!!!!!!! Enough to prove the world is conspiring against me! I didn't have any oreos, basically because there weren't any left, but I did sniff the bag.


This morning was a rough day for me, tears welled up with every American Flag I looked at. I think I'm hormonal.

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