Monday, November 19, 2001

Birthday Bash

This birthday had to be one of the best ever! It got kicked off to a great start with the visit to Daniela and Su in CA and ended in a finale of owls and wizards. I was showered with gifts, cards, and good wishes, ate lots of cake, and got a GORGEOUS bouquet of velvety red roses from hubby (from Arenas!!).

On Thursday, I had dinner with the family at Gram's. My Uncle and his girlfriend got me an adorable little plant. After I raved about it, Gram came out of the kitchen, saw it, picked it up and exclaimed, "thank you! thank you! thank you! Is this for me?" Nobody could speak... we didn't have the heart to tell her... but she quickly figured it out and started giggling... we all had quite a laugh over it.

Friday was my actual birthday. After getting spoiled at work, we met everyone out for dinner at Jack Astors. I couldn't believe how many people showed! It was Jenny & Aaron, Abby, Matt, Andy, Sarah & Denis, Jo & Steve, Joel & Lara & Hannah (she's such a cutie pie), Kenn & Jen, Tony & Ange, and of course Chuckie. The "Astors" made me get up on a chair, stand like a teapot, pointed out to the whole place that I was turning 21 (I told the guy I was turning 33, he lied FOR me... I liked him after that), and sang a version of "I'm a Little Teapot". How embarrasing! But fun. Jenny coordinated it and set the locale, so she'll be the one I seek revenge upon ;-) Not sure any place in Rochester embarrasses you MORE than Jack Astors, but I have a few months to find out!

Then most of us went to see Harry Potter (thanks to Matt for ordering tix online and making life easier). Not as amazing as it was hyped to be, but a good movie. I think it may be better to people who haven't read the book... I was thinking too much about what matched, what didn't, what was going to happen next... etc. I give it a 7.

Thank you again to my family and friends who all made me feel very special. I am a lucky girl!

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