Monday, November 05, 2001

I'm Baaack

Back to the burbs for me. I had a great time in San Fran visiting Yelli, Su and H. Heidi cracks me up. I got her a little gifty of nail polish, without realizing she's a bit "different" when it comes to beauty products. She swore she could barely lift her drink from the extra weight on her fingernails. This makes her very different from Jenny, despite evidence to the contrary, because though Jenny doesn't wear alot of makeup, she's still very much a beauty-product-addicted-girly-girl like me.

Oh Deer

My drive home is like being in a Deer Hunter video game. They're everywhere, just waiting to walk across the road and be mowed down. I find myself compelled to slow down, roll down my window, and yell at them like I'm their mother, "get away from the road! Go back into the forest! Go on, shoo, shoo!"

I wish there was someway to signal oncoming vehicles that there are deer near the road. I flash my brighties a few times, but I think the other drivers just think I'm an a**hole who's blinding them. When they get closer, I make little hoppy signals with my hand, but I don't think they can see me. Guess I'll have to invent some kind of warning gizmo and become rich and open Jamba Juices throughout the western NY for those I leave behind as I move to LA and become a professional shopper and fly to San Fran every week to go out with Yelli.

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