Saturday, November 24, 2001

Estamos indo a Brasil

Thanks to a very generous invitation by Daniela and her family, Chuckie and I are going to Brasil!! We are going for 2 weeks over New Years, to both Sao Paulo and to her parent's beach house on the ocean. It looks like paradise. I am sooooo excited! I've never been anywhere outside of North America.

New Year's Eve will be wonderful. Daniela has told me a little bit about the customs... you wear all white and at midnight you wade into the water... This will all bring good luck. There is also a tradition involving underwear, but I'll have to brush up on the details. I know that it must be new and you wear a specific color to bring you love, money or health. I'll be wearing the color for money (no, it's not green).

Here are pics from Daniela's site of the beach where her parents have a house (now you can see why I'm so excited!):

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