Friday, November 02, 2001

Weekend in California

The Daniela-Tina-Birthday-Halloween-Brazilian-Party on Friday night was very cool. I had a few Caipirinhas, but I made them myself so they were mostly sugar, not alot of alcohol. Good thing. Daniela's friends are very funny, particularly Heidi and Jason. Even with all the Caipirinhas I made him, we couldn't get Jason to put on his Zorro costume, but we did joke that he was going to put it on and stand in front of Target, saying something (in a very authentic latin accent) like, "allo, welcome to Target. I am slashing prices today."

We had a great time this Saturday too. Daniela hit on the main points of interest. While we were at the Irish pub with the Russian bouncer, we watched a couple, who appeared to be from Utah, who also seemed to think it was 1985 and they were starring in Flashdance, kick it up on the dance floor. I mean this girl had her hair flying up like she was an astronaut. I got an ab workout from laughing. At the second Irish Pub/Disco dance club, Daniela got the most CLASSIC line from a faux Irish guy named Damon. Here's how it went down:

Damon to Daniela (in a fake Irish accent, making him appear authentic): "Do you have a little Irish in you?"
Daniela: "No"
Damon: "Would you like some?"
Tina thinking: "Oh SNAP, he just laid the oldest line in the book on her."

It took me a while to realize he was not actually Irish, especially since he spoke pretty good French to Su before he went back to his Indiana wonder bread boy accent. I think after he said "I'm corn-fed and hand spanked", I realized he was just a drunk jerk.

Daniela told me later that she should've replied, "yes, it was very little and I didn't like it."

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