Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Blogger is F*d at the moment.

Also, I have nothing interesting to say. My old blogs are good, might want to peruse the archives to back when I was funny.

How about this: things I'd rather be doing/places I'd rather be:

- at a beach in Australia, petting dolphins
- deep sea fishing
- learning native dancing in Fiji
- climbing a volcano in Hawaii
- shopping in Milan
- clubbing in Ibiza (maybe too old for this one)
- golfing in Scotland (one for hubby)
- getting pampered at a spa in an exotic location
- snowboarding in Park City

(Note: the only reason none of these ideas include eating is because at the moment, I feel like a stuffed pig after eating a St. Joe Panini at Cibon for lunch - turkey, mozzarella & basil on grilled flat bread - yummy!)

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