Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I'm normally not a sore winner, I don't usually rub things in... but when I win against someone who is SOOO confident that THEY will win (and makes that point well known), well, then I can say that - I LOVE TO WIN!! I LOVE TO WIN!! I LOVE TO WIN!!

I participated in an NCAA bracket pool at work. I don't watch sports too much, but absorb some through hubby... so I made my best guesses and, in going with my heart, picked Syracuse to go all the way and win it. The men in the pool, along with my hubby, thought I was a bit insane and did not think I had a snowball's chance of winning. My boss was particularly sure that he'd win, so we wagered lunch on it. Which makes my beating him so much SWEETER!! AAAAAHHHH SWEET VICTORY! Beat by a GIRL!! HA!!

I gave my boss a little reminder that I beat him, an air freshener with Happy Bunny on it...

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