Monday, April 21, 2003

Easter was good, mixed with sadness. We visited Mom's grave, which is in a beautiful location, under a tree. Sherri (sis) leaned over to place the flowers we brought and, in her new 'low rise' jeans, unknowingly showed off her plumbers crack. I'm sure Mom got a kick out of that.

I then made a huge dinner for 6 - but enough to feed 12 (like a good Italian girl)... miraculous for me, since dinner usually consists of cereal and a frozen faux ho.

Got gifties from some very special people too... from Hubby - basket of goodies, from Sis - adorable stuffed bunny and candy, from Jenny - our very own set of "cake plates", from Natalie - a very sweet card, and from Peppermint Tina - many Hello Kitty gifties, many with HK riding a dolphin (PT knows that I am a dolphin fanatic). All were a wonderful pick me up that helped me get through the day.

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