Friday, August 15, 2003

BLACKout 2003

I love how the news goes over the top with everything these days. How, within hours (probably with some poor soul running his MAC on a generator), they can still come up with a title font and catchy event name to create drama. **Duhn, duhn, duhn** BLACKOUT 2003.

We lost power for about 4 hours. I was in a panic... "save the eggs, I have to have my scrambled eggs in the morning!!! Cook up the chicken and the sausages and the bacon... eat the ice cream, for the love of God - EAT THE ICE CREAM!!!"... all this as hubby sat there all relaxed, reading his golf magazine... He finally got up and gathered flashlights... comes in from the garage and says, "here, you can wear this" as he hands me a miner's headlamp from his hunting gear...

He was only slightly smug when the lights popped back on at 8:45, "see, I told you everything would be fine."

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