Monday, August 04, 2003

Jersey Duty

I have to report for Jury Duty tomorrow. I was talking with my Gram last night... told her I had J.D. coming up... chatted some more... was saying bye and she said, "Have fun in Jersey." Classic. We both had a good laugh after I explained.

Unlike others, who groan, "uughhh, Jury Duty"... I kind of look forward to it. Then again, the last case I was on was a civil case. Not sure I'd want to be on a criminal case where, after the trial, the criminal you just convicted can hop on the elevator with you (that actually almost happened to hubby - the criminal's lawyer stopped the guy)... besides, got things going on this week... and I don't know if I can be fair, after all, I'm an angry little gumball* these days.

*Jenny and I saw this ad in a mag... we are both, in fact, at various points in the day, angry little gumballs.

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