Thursday, August 14, 2003


I don't know if it's the heat or what, but lately Jenny and I have been prone to saying stooopid things. Here are some examples:

Jenny [to the lunch crowd], "I need to go home tonight and lawn the mow..."

Me [to Jenny] "oooh, that meat is going to turn ranchid" (meant to say either raunchy or rancid)

Jenny [to a coworker/client from Atlanta], "It was good to see you, sorry you didn't recognize me"

Me [to crowd at coworker's going away party], "and once, when Jack first started at, Cindy was eating a melon and she cut it, and it flew into his lap *heh, heh* and um, Jack, what did you say????" [Jack, put on the spot, looks at me blankly]... so I retort, "well, aahhhh, yeah, it was really funny."


... So in my attempt to push Jenny's buttons this afternoon, after sending a note to aforementioned coworker/client in Atlanta, I say to Jenny, "hey, sorry you didn't recognize me"

To which she replies, "yeah, and then the melon flew in to his lap..."

Touche Costco! (Family Guy reference) Maybe stupidity is contagious. In which case, Jenny and I are pulling each other into a swirling vortex of idiocy. Woohoo!

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