Thursday, August 26, 2004

If shopping were an olympic sport, I think I'd have a shot... at least in the Bargainhunting category... I tend not to buy things that aren't on sale.

Jenny's a triathlete shopper too. Today she said, "if left unchecked, I would have a rice krispie treat maker, a bubble gum maker, a root beer machine...".

I can picture the Olympic story now, as told by Bob Costas...


"This young woman, from humble beginnings, started small. She bought an egg cooker and a tupperware container specifically for Pizza.

Soon, she couldn't stop herself from buying the Presto hot dog cooker and the soft serve ice cream maker. Every specialized small appliance and kitchen gadget drew her in, until finally, broke and with only a small narrow path running through her house, she was forced to sell it all on eBay and use plain old ziploc bags to pack her lunch.

Today she's back in top form to compete for her first Olympic medal in Specialized Product Purchasing. We go live now to Fokas for the gold medal round against France."

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