Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I'm sick. Coughing up a lung every couple of minutes. Stayed home yesterday and slept until after 5pm. Ya heard right! On the plus side, caught some of the Olympics. Yes, I am an Olympics junkie, there I said it.

Some Olympic Observations...

I thought Judo was highya-judo-chop! type action, but instead it was more like wrestling. I'm confused...

Soccer players have some serious stamina.

Andy Roddick about gave me an ulcer yesterday after blowing a 40-love lead, then 6 match points... to finally win his match!

Swimmers have very white teeth, likely from the super-bleaching-action of the pool water.

Michael Phelps gives Xtina a run for her money with the low-rise pants. Hubby insists his plumber crack must slow him down (but he's still winning gold, so I say, let the sun shine in!)

Swimmers win hands down for looking the silliest while preparing to compete.

Brendan Hansen (ths silver-medal-winning olympic swimmer) looks an aweful lot like a young John C. Reilly (the actor)

Oh, and what can I say about Sexy Aleksei, except... they should show more of him!!

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