Sunday, January 09, 2005

Back from Paradise

Arrived home from Brazil yesterday, exhausted and a little bit in shock. It's not easy to go from warm, sandy beaches to cold, snowy roads. It was an amazing trip - gorgeous scenery, great weather, and wonderful people.

So as not to type a dissertation, I will try to list some highlights of the trip:

- Beautiful wedding
- Brasilian coffee
- Cheese for breakfast
- Fruit, fruit & more fruit
- Guarana Light
- 3 day bus trip north thru Brasil
- Flip Flops
- Churrascaria - Brasilian BBQ - a carnivore's dream
- bumpy, dirt/sand roads to Beach house
- Paradise
- Falling asleep & waking to sound of waves crashing
- Rising moons & starlit skies
- Sunscreen
- Caipirinhas
- Coconut Water
- Cashew Water
- Sunscreen
- Trying to learn Portuguese
- Riding in the dune buggy (pronounced boogy in Portuguese)
- Brasilian bikinis
- Sunscreen
- Gorgeous Brasilian women
- Hunky Brasilian men
- Skinny Brasilian dogs
- Boat Trip up the Lagoon from Marau to Barre Grande
- Lots of Sunscreen
- Yoga under the stars
- Getting hit on by a cute young Brasilian (que é seu nome?)
- Beach Volleyball
- Bug spray
- riding Shakey (the horse)
- Harry the dog taking my sneaker
- Pousadas - Bahia Boa
- Shrimp with faces & legs (yikes!)
- Yoga in the rain
- Family & Friends & Friends who have become Family


Bailey said...

Welcome back! The trip sounds amazing. I'm so jealous.

Catie said...

oh boy! i was beginning to wonder if you decided to stay in brazil. it sounds like such a wonderful vacation. i hope there will be photos.

Tina*:) said...

Welcome home! I, for one, would have loved the long version*;)

I suspect you'll be needin' a vacation from the vacation!

Be well*:)

LadyGypsy said...

Welcome back! I'd also enjoy the dissertation. Coconut water? Yum!

Amanda said...

Welcome sounds like you had an awesome time!