Thursday, January 27, 2005

Couch Potatoette

Along the lines of the state-the-obvious-research that showed drinking alcohol makes others appear better looking, they've now proven that couch potatoes tend to be obese. Duh. The major scientific breakthrough - they surmised that the drive to sit or lounge is genetic, rather than caused by the fact that they are/become obese.

...undergarment readings confirmed that the obese participants sat or reclined an average 2.5 hours more per day than their skinny peers... Despite their newly svelte status, these participants continued to prefer lounging over being more active. "This drive seems very fixed," he said.

Bottom line, whether it's genetic or just lazy-ass syndrome (which I suffer from often), everyone still knows that you need to get off your ass to lose weight. I probably have a genetic predisposition to become addicted to drugs but I know it's bad (very bad) so I don't give myself the opportunity. Not to compare this to being a couch potato - because it's not as if I'm surrounded by chunks of crack that I just choose to pass up each day. The opportunity to sit on you butt and watch Scrubs or reruns of Friends is constant and unrelenting. I understand this. I just think that to spend money on this research is ridiculous when they could have donated some memberships to Weight Watchers and at least helped create thinner, healthier couch pototoes.


Tina*:) said...

Ha! Damn ass funny!

Chunks of crack,laying around, would be so much easier to ignore, than food.

Why, God, why?!!!!!

lindsay said...

...the part that concerns me is that the participants in this study wore "uniquely designed underwear" to record their movements.


Aprille said...

I echo Lindsay - that "undergarment readings" are the basis of this data just makes me shudder - especially undergarments, obese, and coach potato. Evil combo.