Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Snow Peeves

As you may or may not know, we got dumped on with snow last week. I've lived in snow almost my whole life (minus those three years I spent in Vegas learning to be superficial and morally bankrupt), but there are some things I just can't get used to.

For example, how can someone who, for the past 7 or so snow-free months, understood the appropriate parking distance thanks to the yellow lines, suddenly, when those lines are covered by snow, become devoid of any sensibility such that they park soooo far away from the next car that each could open their doors and not ding one another... yet just close enough that another car cannot fit between them, causing the parking lot to now only fit half the number of cars it could in the spring? I cannot comprehend the stupidity present when someone parks like this. They are someone I want to beat over the head with a mallet.

And then there are the morons who are too damn lazy to wipe off their cars. I kid you not, a guy drove by the other day... his windshield barely wiped clean, and the rest of his car - including the back window - covered with 5 inches of snow, which was blowing off his car and leaving everyone behind him to navigate through his home-made blizzard. Mallet please.

And of course, those that drive too fast or too close. I pity the soul who decides to ride my bumper, then as I have to break for a wayward chunk of snow, plows into the back of me. Hello road rage! I better get a nerf mallet to put in my car.


Catie said...

oi! i live in northern california, so snow is pretty much a voluntary experience, however rain is a regular thing. and it's the same exact thing, people lose their minds as soon as the water comes from the sky. people making left turns in front of you where you have to slam your breaks on to not hit them, people driving FASTER than when it's dry and my personal favorite is the people who have a car the color of a storm and they refuse to turn their headlights on in the day time.

Tina*:) said...

Hell with the nerf mallet, I say.