Saturday, January 22, 2005

My Friends

I have some very cool friends. There is Jenny, who is insanely creative and always finding new ways to express it, from Christmas Cocktails to Lollipop Cozies. There is Daniela, the dynamic sexpot, who got me my first pair of high boots and has inspired me with her taste and class ever since. There are the musicians - Jessica, with the voice of an angel, and Sarah who plays a mean french horn and tickles the ivories so well. There is Amy, who took a risk and pulled ideas together to author the hippest knitting book yet. There is Peppermint Tina, whose thoughtful words and gifts make me feel so special. There is Joel, who won't put his knives in the dishwasher, but will put chicken bones down the garbage disposal. There are many others - actors, painters, writers, artists, thinkers, travelers, mothers, fathers, and those who have a talent for humor.

The latest to impress is Mikha, who has had two really cool books published this past year. One is all about good luck charms and the other about spices. Unfortunately, they are in Portuguese, but even though I don't understand the words, the books are little works of art, with great pictures and beautiful design.

My friends insprire me. I am a lucky girl.

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amy [Knitty] said...

smooch, you.
p.s. sent the message to the publishing honcho. will report!