Monday, January 24, 2005

Strangers with Candy

I am a huge fan of The Daily Show and of the now-defunct tv show Strangers with Candy. So I was delightfully surprised to turn on NPR (as I always do) to hear an interview with Stephen Colbert - who is brilliantly funny on both.

Strangers with Candy was just so wrong on so many levels... such as this one of many quotes:
"How many of you wanna wake up in a public bathroom, lying in a pool of what you HOPE is your own filth?"

So I was estactic to learn that they made Strangers With Candy movie - which is premiering at Sundance tonight. If I were independently wealthy, I would be on a plane to Salt Lake City right now.


Tina*:) said...

I really didn't want to like Strangers With Candy, but truly, when ever I did watch, it was hilarious and gross. All at the same time. If I were independently wealthy, I'd join you!

Mary said...

I used to drive my roommate crazy saying (repeatedly), "I was a boozer, a user and a loser."

Love Amy Sedaris! So brilliantly strange and hilarious...