Thursday, February 24, 2005

Yay for Jay

Yay to Jay McCarrol for winning Project Runway! Jay was catty and bitchy, but very funny, very honest and very talented. I love the skirt with the circles on it. I want one.

I was hooked on this show - the American Idol for fashion designers. It was great to watch them create something from scratch... and slightly amusing to hear Michael Kors rip their designs apart.

And in the finaly, Parker Posey looked Fab-u-lous with that crazy hair - you go Indy Girl!

My one rant for the show - I hated that the Producers manipulated the results to pick someone who they knew would add drama. Save that crap for the shows that need it, like Real World and Surreal Life. There was enough drama and suspense in Project Runway in watching the designs come together and seeing who won.


Catie said...

i loved, loved, loved project runway and was so glad that jay one. also, i completely agree with you on the manipulation factor. it's become so transparent that it's boring.

Catie said...

oh no. i said one when i meant to say WON. oh good God. the humiliation will never end.

Hani said...

it is very Nice
Good Luck

Princess and the P said...

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Jay and I attended the same college... although he graduated 6 years before me!

My favorite of Jay's was the blue rectangle patchwork skirt.

- Nicolette