Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nice Bunny

Nice Bunny
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We took Lauren to the portrait studio last week where she got to have her pic taken with a bunny. I thought they were going to bring out a whole (herd? gaggle? swarm?... I looked it up) drove of bunnies, but alas, just one lucky little 7 week old who seemed to be very familiar with having his head grabbed.

I bought the rights to 15 of the images so I could plaster her picture on everything under the sun without paying quite as much as they wanted to rob me of... the rest of the pics are up on my gallery

So on a separate note, Little L certainly seems to be learning alot of words... though often I can't be positive... as in "did she just say that?"

Here are words I am positive she has said, in context, and others have witnessed:
+ sock
+ shoe
+ cheese
+ eyes
+ Os (Oscar)
+ brush (both for hair and teeth)

Here are words I'm pretty damn sure she has said but have not been independently verified:
+ bath
+ glasses
+ Mama
+ Dada
+ Papa

Here are words I think she said, but brief, fleeting, unsure...
+ Jenny
+ necklace
+ outside
+ eggs (while we were coloring easter eggs)


jen said...

seriously speaking, lauren is the cutest baby i have ever seen in my ENTIRE life. EVER. HANDS DOWN.

Tina said...

OMG Jen, thank you so much! So really, EVER? Even with the Peter Boyle hair and the Stephen Colbert ear?

I am flattered for her, that is so nice for you to say. Now I can say that my assumption that she IS the cutest baby ever is not just my biased opinion - it has been "independently verified". =)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!

jen said...

hahhahhaha yes, i am 100% sincerely serious when i say that lauren is THE CUTEST and most loveable looking baby i have ever seen.. and i have seen lots of babies! i clicked on the progression photo album of her life thus far and was at many points moved to tears.. oh, and laughed a ton (ie pic of her with the fake hair? oh my goodness, hilaroius!). now, please don't think i'm some kind of crazy stalker (as i would think if i got some kind of comment like this from a complete stranger- and if you agree, no offense taken)

i just think her life story is absolutely amazing and i love that you are sharing parts of it with the world.

hahhahaha ok i think i will end this exceptionally long comment now. take care!

Kristina said...

Lauren is adorable! I'm so happy to see she is doing well and enjoying being a baby, she's very expressive.q