Thursday, March 15, 2007

yes... I love you pancake

yes... I love you pancake
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Lauren has been trying all kinds of new food lately - pancakes, peas, cannelini beans... she will basically eat anything I put in front of her... which, according to stories my parents told me... was not unlike me when I was little. Now, however, if it is healthy I am likely to assume dislike... which I know is bad... I'm trying.

She loves to feed herself though and gets ticked off when she can't... but I can only take so many episodes of teeny tiny pastina all over the place... I'm a hypocrite because I am not a neat person... apparently if it's MY mess it's ok... but I get a bit stressed about sticky gooey come-back-later-and-try-to-figure-out-what-this-was type things...

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Anonymous said...

i love you blog
i wish you wrote about lauren and such more often

BTW i am in ljcfyi withdrawl - what happened to her blog? (i ask because i know you are BFF)