Friday, September 07, 2007

As I mentioned last week, my brother moved back from LV. Since then he got 1 job, quit the next day, then started a new one doing groundskeeping at a golf course. He likes this one, but of course, it will end soon as the season ends. Then he'll be on to job 3.

My brother is so funny, even though he's broke, back living with his Mom, single, and will likely never have kids... he's giving my sister marriage advice and both of us parenting advice.

He's actually very sweet and helpful, he decorated at McDonald's playland for our nephew's birthday. Even my sister's husband wouldn't have done that.

Can you tell we have the same nose - we both inherited from Dad. Actually, Adam looks like a spitting image of my Dad, except chubbier and with red hair. Back in the 70's my hippy Dad had long hair and I used to braid it for him. I loved doing that, it was WAY better than having a Beauty Shop Barbie.


Aprille said...

And likely less lead-exposure!

Elaine said...

There is a strong family resemblance. What a nice photo.

I SO wanted a Beauty SHop Barbie head. My parents bought me a cheap knock-off that scared the bejeebus out of me because it reminded me of a scary movie I'd seen where some woman was buried alive and was trying to dig herself out. They thought I was ungrateful.

I think a hippy Dad might have been

Elaine said...

I meant to add ... better...