Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lauren and I are both very sick today. Bad cold. She also has an ear infection. We still tried to go to work/daycare today, but then I got a call from Daycare... when they got her up from her nap, she waddled over to the mini-bean bag chair and planted herself, somewhat dazed and half asleep. I picked her up early, ordered us a pizza, (she was very excited, repeating "peeza, peeza, peeza"), she ate a decent amount, played a bit, then passed out by 6pm.

I took some cold medicine and, 3 hours later, can almost ALMOST breath through my nose, but, of course, am not tired. Am wired.

Luckily, we are both "off" tomorrow - it is hubby's 40th birthday (though we may not be in any shape to celebrate)!!


Anonymous said...

Feel better soon, the both of you! And, very happy birthday wishes for Chuck*:)

rachel said...

You should try nasal lavage. It will help to clear out your sinuses so you can breath. You can pick up a kit at your local drugstore - I think the brand is Neal meds.
Feel better!