Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last week Lauren and I went outside to play. This hat was a little small, but still fit. It is so cute, I will continue to put it on her for as long as I can squeeze her little head into it.

While we were out, I also caught a bit of video - Lauren singing the alphabet, sort of. She's done this a few times now, at first I wasn't sure - I thought, "did I just hear her what I think I heard?" and then one morning last week she sang, clear as day, "now I know my ABCs, YAY!". So I caught a bit of the elusive spectacle on video, but like a "Bigfoot" video, it still doesn't feel like absolute proof.

I'm sure that in hearing the alphabet 10 times a day for her entire life, it will soon be a staple of her repertoire and I will be able to capture definitive proof.


Tina said...

What's really funny is that this video sounds "old school", like it has projector sound effects - but it is really the lawnmower running in the background.

Miss W said...

Too cute!

Keely said...

Adorable. My little one is just over four months and I look forward to this age. :)