Wednesday, September 05, 2007

These are the kinds of things that happen to my family...

After spending Thursday, Friday, and Saturday helping my sister move, she was officially "all moved in" to her new house on Saturday.

Sunday morning, at 5:32am, my cell phone rang. It was my sister. I answered but heard only static.

I hung up and she called right back. Again, only static.

Now I am starting to get very worried. She is in a new house and I am assuming something bad might be happening.

I hang up again and try to call her back, as I am calling, she beeps in - but again, static.

Panic is setting in.

I call her husband's phone. No answer.

I call her with my regular phone, thinking maybe it's a cell phone issue. No answer.

Now I am truly panic'd. I think I should drive over there (half hour drive) but am afraid to show up there by myself - if something bad is happening - little me is not going to do much.

I call 911. Tell them what is happening. They need the address. Seeing as though she JUST moved in, I don't even know the exact address.

As the 911 operator tells me that I will probably have to meet the police there, my Sister calls my home phone.

[In a very sleepy voice] "Teen, is everything ok? I saw that you called"]

Me: "You're phone was calling me, hold on a second."

I tell 911 everything is ok.

Me, back on the phone with my Sister... "You're phone was calling me (now I start mostly crying) and it was static and I was so worried that something had happened..."

Sher, "I was sleeping on the couch and my phone was on vibrate, then it started blasting your ring tone. I realized it was 5 something am and you were calling me and I panic'd that something bad had happened".


Yep, so these are the kinds of things that happen to my family. My sister's phone dials me at 5:30am coincidentally on the first night in their new house... and on my second call back, her phone switches to high volume, wakes her up and she gets panic'd. So we both get a boost in blood pressure, then relief.

It's just freaky, I tell you.

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