Sunday, December 09, 2007

Still in Florida - at The Villages - a golfer's dream retirement city.

We went to The Christmas Parade yesterday - drove over in the golf cart, which Lauren loved as much as I do (they are so damn fun!). The parade consisted mainly of golf carts and many of the various clubs they have here - including the Belly Dancer club and the Village Cheerleaders! The retirees here are not usually sitting around watching tv, they do more in a day than most people do in a week. Lauren loved the parade, she waved and waved and waved. She would make a good parade marshall.

We got her the little piggy backpack / leash for the trip (I used to think leashes on kids was cruel, then I realized how fast they can run away from you in a crowded place) - it is wonderful. She loves having it on - I say, "let's put your piggie on" and she puts her arms out. She would be Gone, Baby, Gone without it!!

We've gone to a few stores here - Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx - I can't get over how nice, neat and organized they all are. Even Walmart was enjoyable - and they had the CUTEST line of organic baby clothes (George baby), but only in itty bitty baby sizes (including preemie, which reminded me that Lauren was once too tiny even for that size - which now is hard to believe she was so SMALL!!).

Grandparents are just reveling in Lauren - and her in them. It will be hard to leave. Luckily they will be up for Christmas this year.

The weather here is gorgeous, actually "hot" - low 80's each day. But we will be happy to have a white Christmas.

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