Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh Deer

Since my sleeping disorder is in full swing, thought it's be a good time to post.

It is going to be freaking freezing this week. 5 degrees on Thursday. That's crying-because-I'm-so-cold weather. Last night on my drive home, after quite the accumulation of snow, there was a deer walking down the middle of the road... not crossing the road, walking up it. I'm sure it's because he had no sense that there was a road, since it was covered in about 5" of snow.

I pass way too many dear on my routes to home - since I live in the almost-country burbs. Sometimes I pull over and yell at them, "get back into the freakin woods, you're going to get yourself killed!" Most of them listen and run, the other night, one just stood there, rather close to the road, and looked at me. Like, "hmmm, you're interesting but not scary." When I realized he wasn't going to run away, my bunnyhugger side took over and I tried to entice him over to my car with a cashew dropped from Lauren's latest bowl 'o snacks, but he didn't budge. Not even with my cutsie, high pitched voice, "c'mer... c'mere little deer". Bastard. Either run or humor me.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my aunts house in the middle of nowhere. She used to feed the deer in the backyard, making them more and more bold (i would say rude) so one day when we visited,she didnt feed them and the next day my sister woke me up telling me someone was stearing through the window. You could see the silhouette. When we pulled he curtains aside, TADAA! three deer staring to see if the breakfast was reasy soon... almost craped our pants..

Tina said...

That is such a hilarious story! I probably would have called 911 before determining that Bambi was out there!