Saturday, January 24, 2009

Target in Five

Ran in to Target today while hub waited in the car with the kid. It's 7 degrees out, so he tells me to hurry, he'll drive around while I shop.

Well, let's just say this, the moment I walk through the door at Target, some magic dust must get sprinkled over me, because I cannot just get what I need. But knowing I had to hurry, I start acting like I'm on one of those crazy shopping spree shows.

Valentines Day shirts on sale for $4 - grab two... jeans for hubby on sale, grab a pair... off to the milk, ooh, Valentines Day towels on sale, grab those, ok, oooh, cashews, need cashews, ok, milk, yep, got the milk, ooh, a super cute lion DVD cover for Lauren's movies, ok... diapers? no, can't carry them... but a toothbrush, Lauren needs a new tooth brush!! GRAB, oooh, cute new container of Clorox wipes, grab those... then, the SLOWEST. CASHIER. EVER. And I'm out the door. Now only if I hadn't had to pay for it all.

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Jeaninne said...

I never thought I had your "sprinkle" problem until for some weeks ago when my car broke and I went to targets and bought nothing much...I thought!!! But my hands proved me otherwise when I had to carry the "incredible bargains" all the way home. So now, only shopping from the list...