Monday, January 05, 2009

Spit Spot

So it's 2009. I was a very bad blogger for most of '08... then, the first comment of the new year on my last post, from Prissy - "You should blog more often, I miss the daily bite of the daily bite!"... so with that motivation (thank you Prissy), here I am, trying to be a better blogger.

I will try not to be ALL about Lauren, but it's hard not to be when the little cracker jack just does funny stuff left and right... like strip the clothes off her Mary Poppins doll faster than you can say, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!"

So this is what I come home to. Naked Mary Poppins dolly. And as Bridget Jones would say, "it's kind of pervy, really."


Sarah said...

Yeah, so what is it about Barbies and the like? They seem to be incapable of keeping their clothes on in the presence of children. We have no less than five Barbies in various states of undress in the playroom right this minute!

Someone should do something about this. Please! Think of the children!

Prissy said...

Forgive my manners: Happy new year! It doesn't matter if you only blog about Lauren, she's cute enough to blog about everyday. What I like about your blog is the way you express your thoughts...