Thursday, June 21, 2001

Flamingos on Parade

We had the unveiling of Flamingos on Parade at work today. (Background: as part of the Employee Action Team, we came up with this idea in honor of the Horses on Parade around Rochester. Sixty people in signed up to receive and re-invent a pink lawn flamingo) The results were amazing! Some really impressive work on the flamingos. We also threw a party, handed out leis (or as I like to say, gave everyone a cheap lei), made smoothies, provided pizza and ice cream cake.

I think our coworkers think we're on a mission to fatten them up. What they don't realize is that a good portion of the E.A.T. team (oh, the irony) are actually food addicts and our motives are very self serving. Either way, it was a huge success. Matt makes a mean-ass smoothie!

Here are some pics of the flamingos, though the pics don't really do them all justice. There's some amazing detail. They are, in order of appearance:: Elephant-mingo, inspired by Moulin Rouge, by me; Flowermingo by Jenny; Flamin-go by Joel, Count Dramingo by Jo, Plantmingo by Abby, Punk Rock Flamingo by Matt, Spidermingo by Aaron and Placido Flamingo by Marianna and LuAnne.



Paper Flowers

I really wish I had hopped on a plane to make paper flowers with Daniela, Su, and Heidi. It looks like so much fun and I miss the them [sob sob].

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