Sunday, June 17, 2001

Limited Edition

I just bought a Mystery Poster Bunny t-shirt from Jenny's store. The inside word (straight from Jenny's mouth today at her Strawberry Shortcake shindig) is that she is going to change the wording to "Mysterious Poster Bunny". So I thought I'd join Squibnocket and get one of only a few limited edition versions before Jenny changes it, becomes famous (she WAS mentioned in USA Weekend!) and people are clamoring for them.

I'm envisioning a scenario where I'm walking around on Park Ave in my Mystery Poster Bunny t-shirt, I pass someone and they stop me, jaw dropped, and exclaim, "that's MY bunny, why are you wearing MY bunny?" Then I spill the beans on Jenny. That's as far as it goes in my mind... though I'm pretty sure Jenny would win any lawsuit brought against her by mystery-poster-bunny-posting-mysterious-artist because said artist did not reveal him/herself on said poster. AND, the lawsuit would probably cause CNN news to do an interview with Jenny, then she would be bigtime for sure (and the value of my and Squibnocket's Limited Edition Myster Poster Bunny t-shirt would skyrocket in value)...

Hip to be Square

In Japan, they are making square watermelons. First seedless, then yellow, now square. What next, miniature kiwi-size watermelon? Yes, I think I'd like pocket-sized watermelon.

I was going to buy a square watermelon but they're $85 and since I just dropped $300 bucks on a Visor Edge (woo hoo), I can't afford it. Chuck (hubby) is going to inherit my cracked Visor Deluxe and now the burden is on him to get it fixed. The best part about it... it was all his idea, he urged me to do it... I love that man. Here's the damage (finally got pictures working):

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