Monday, June 25, 2001

The Weekend

Friday night rented Miss Congeniality. Seems that Sandra Bullock can be made to go from homely to gorgeous just by plucking her eyebrows (see also "Love Potion #9"). Oh, and Benjamin Bratt... well HELLO... didn't know he was hiding such a nice bod under his suits.

Saturday went to Bahama Breeze (yum) with Jenny, Aaron and Abby, then we went to see Evolution. I liked the movie, but cringed heavily during some of the worm scenes (YUCK), so did Abby as she yanked her feet up off the floor, seemingly SURE some creepy crawly was going to wiggle it's way between her toes. Also rented "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" with George Clooney and John Turturro... I like him though I'm not sure what else I've seen him in.

Sunday was a day of "around the house". Planted more flowers. Touched a slug that was on one of the flower containers. Screamed like a girl.


Today I had to endure a 5 hour meeting...very painful... those quarterly meetings put me in a very bad mood and make me question my mediocre existence at a major corporation. They make me feel like I should be doing something more interesting, like putting on my leotard preparing to dazzle the crowd as I stick my head into the lions mouth... or something like that.

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